Miebach family – Dubai Family Photographer

I last photographed this gorgeous family back in March 2014! Click here to view their last sessions. Going back a little further Petra’s family visited in 2012 and I did a christmas session while everyone was together! Click here for that session.

The family have visited once again and taken some more fabulous photos, this time all the kids are a little bit older, and this time we went for a desert session!

Here is a little look at our gorgeous morning in the Desert…

Anna-Marie and Veronica are such cute little girls! They loved playing in the sand and running up and down the dunes!




And of course like all our previous sessions together we had some super fun photos thrown in the mix! We had some funny poses, some bunny ears, and even some gangsta moves! I love shoots with the Miebach family, they always keep a smile on my face. A really fun family!





Petra - Sarah, you are such an amazing photographer! These pictures are perfectly reflecting the fun we had.November 10 2015 – 7:45 pm

Abdulla & Rashid’s Safari – Dubai Family Photographer

Last week I was invited by Hana, one of the most fabulous ladies around! Hana should totally be an events planner, her ideas are always so lovely!! Ive photographed this family many times over the last 3 years, Since Abdulla’s First birthday! Click Here, Here and Here to see a few of their previous sessions which are all amazing!!

This year from their birthday Hana decided on a Safari Themed shoot. Hana went all out and organised a fabulous setup. We needed a 6m backdrop to get it all in!! I have to admit, its the first time I’ve done that! The behind the scenes pictures are pretty cool to!

Oh, Did I mention the AMAZING Cake with a Tree coming out if it?!?!


Once again I had a fabulous time with these two cuties! Its been a pleasure to watch them grow up over the last few years!

Head over to my Facebook Page to check out the Video Hana made from this session!! Its beautiful! (Just Click here)



50th Wedding Anniversary – Dubai Family Photographer

This lovely family are all together again for a fabulous family reunion for the grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary! FIFTY years! That’s something very very special!!

The family flew in from both Sweden and Australia to have a great time together. Anna had organised a photoshoot for everyone whist they were together. A perfect way to remember their special occasion.

With 15 people I always had someone to photograph it was great fun!! I love big family groups!

Here is a little look at what we got up to…






I hope you all enjoy your time together!

Happy Anniversary!!



Katrina, Paul, Mia & Nathan – Dubai Family Photographer

Over the weekend I got to meet this fabulous family who have only just recently moved to Dubai 7 weeks ago!

This was such a lovely session! Three year old Mia was just so cute! She loved the Camera and gave me some beautiful smiles. A real sweetheart. Nathan who is only 4 months did a wonderful job to!







Such a fun session! I honestly could have photographed these cute kids all afternoon!


Aria Turns Three – Dubai Family Photographer

Yesterday I headed down to Le Royal Meridian Dubai to photograph this gorgeous family who are visiting Dubai from Milan. It was a lovely little holiday to celebrate Arias 3rd Birthday!

I met them at their hotel for a family photoshoot and some very yummy cake!

This session was a little tricky as Aria wasn’t too well and also didn’t speak english! Its amazing how you can still communicate without actually speaking the same language.

I had a lovely morning, its so good to be back outdoors for photoshoots again!!







Happy Birthday Aria! I Hope you had a fabulous day!