Rashid’s Cake Smash

Yesterday I had another fabulous session with Rashid & Abdulla! I have photographed these two gorgeous boys several times over the last few years. Its been so lovely to watch them grow up!  Click here and here & here to view their previous sessions.

Little Rashid turns one on the 25th of September and his older brother Abdulla is turning three on September 30th.  So much fun having birthdays close together:)

A perfect way to celebrate a birthday is with a photo shoot. Especially a first birthday- made even more exciting by adding in a cake!!!

Here is a little sneaky look at our session in the Park….

The lovely ladies from Dreamcakes Factory did a fabulous job with the custom cake for our session fitting the ‘Royal baby’ theme Hana had in mind.




We had a fantastic time! Rashid absolutely loved his cake! (I had a sneaky little taste and it certainly was delicious!!)

Happy Birthday boys!


Baby Gabriel – Dubai Newborn Photographer

On Saturday I met a super cute little boy named Gabriel. He was only 10 days old and so good! He really enjoyed our photo shoot. He gave us lots of smiles throughout the morning.

I love sessions where all the family are there! I love to watch all the family with their newest addition. The looks of love and admiration from the grandparents is priceless.

Wish I could share all the photos from our session… there are too many good ones, its been very difficult to pick my favourites!





Bryanne looks amazing!


Ali is a fantastic tennis player with a very fast serve of about 120mph!  It was only fitting to take a few photos with the Tennis kit. Gabriel even had his very own tennis outfit! Super cute!!


I absolutely loved Gabriel’s nursery. Such cute decorations. Fabulous jungle/animal setup. I honestly could have spent all day photographing this family!


Gabriel is a very lucky little boy to have such amazing parents!

Congratulations on your addition to the family. He is gorgeous!



Maisoon & Amin Wedding – Dubai Wedding Photographer

Last night I headed to the Al Murooj Rotana to photograph Maisoon and Amin’s gorgeous wedding.

They were such a lovely and beautiful couple to photograph!

It was such a gorgeous wedding, everything looked so lovely, what a stunning 5 tier wedding cake!!

There was about 250 guests at their wedding. A number of guests made the journey from Canada to celebrate Amin and Maisoon’s Wedding.


Maisoon’s Jewellery and Jimmy Choo’s…


Did I mention the 5 tier cake?!? All real cake… Tasted just as fabulous as it looks!


Congratulations on your wedding day. I wish you all the best for your lives together and am sure you will have a truly amazing honeymoon in Seychelles!!



Shaima’s Milcha – Dubai Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of Photographing Shaima’s gorgeous Milcha in Mirdif on Saturday. I absolutely loved the setup for the evening, honestly I could have photographed it for hours!

Everything was so beautiful!

Shaima is a very lucky lady with the fabulous jewellery she got!



Love love love the shoes!!

Such a fun and loving couple to photograph! I hope all your Wedding Planning goes well for your big day in December!



Triple the fun – Dubai Cake Smash Photographer

Today was a day of firsts… for me -not only was it my first time to photograph triplet, it was my first TRIPLE CAKE SMASH!!! For Yousef, Ali and Maryam it was their very first birthday!!

These little miracles were born at 26 week! That’s 16 weeks early!! After a very long 141 days in NICU they finally got to go home.  At birth Yousef was 660g, Ali was 920g and Maryam was 780g at birth. each small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Yousef, The oldest by one minute was so well behaved for the entire session. He is a very laid back little guy. Ali who is the middle boy is a charmer (I think he thinks Im a tiny bit crazy with all my silliness hehe!) and Maryam who is the youngest of the three (but only by a matter of minutes) This lucky lady has two amazing big brothers to look after her. Maryam thought the session was a bit much and decided to have a mid session snooze… until she smelt the cakes… then it was all go go go. Mum and Dad thought Maryam wouldn’t be as interested in the cake as her brothers…. but she was totally into it! She smashed that cake and loved every second of it!

It really was three times more fun! Yousef, Ali and Maryam are so adorable! They really loved their cakes!!

We started our session with some fabulous family photo…

Fatima, you really are an amazing mummy!





I had such a fun morning!! Im still surprised how happy and quiet the three were this morning… such angles. They certainly put my noisy boys to shame!:)

Happy Birthday Yousef, Ali and Maryam.  I hope you have a fabulous first Birthday!!


Fatima and Hany - Sarah, we had SUCH fun this morning. Thank you for making such a special day for all of us so much fun! Our first family photos! Thank you Sarah!

Hany, Fatima, Yousef, Ali and MaryamAugust 13 2014 – 7:18 pm