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Nabila & Saeed – Dubai Wedding Photographer

On Thursday 22nd December I was asked to document Nabila & Saeed’s big day! We met a few months ago and at our meeting we came up with some amazing plans for their Wedding day in regards to photography. From the moment we met at Starbucks there was lots of laughs and I knew immediately […]

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SarahC - Thank you very very much for letting me know! I didn’t see this message until now and have just messaged them to remove it! Thank you for spotting that!November 9 2015 – 9:38 pm

Anonymous - Hi
I’ve just come across a company using your images and pretending it to be there own work and felt compelled to inform you.

The company is called Amor Media Productions- both on their facebook and instagram are photos by yourself.
Here is the shoe photo they stole from you (this blog post)

Below is a link to their facebook page: 5 2015 – 2:51 pm

Kaia & Adrian – Dubai Wedding Photographer

I have been a little behind with my blogging with Christmas over the weekend but things are all back on track and going online! A few months ago I met a couple – Joanna and Nisan- who at our meeting mentioned that her brother was also getting married in Dubai and just two weeks before […]

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brook - These pictures are beautiful!December 31 2011 – 8:04 pm

SarahC - Hi Dennis, Thank you so much for your comment! Its lovely to hear the feedback and that you love the photos and my website! You have a beautiful family! I am working through all their images and cant wait to deliver them back to Kaia and Adrian and for them to share the photos with everyone.December 30 2011 – 7:38 pm

Dennis Soans - Sarah – I enjoyed the lovely photos of Kaia & Adrian. Adrian’s mother and I are cousins and they shared your site with me. I am myself a photo enthusiast and just recently got my first SLR. My wife and I loved your photos and the web site. Lancia is a graphic designer and we were both impressed with not only your photos but how tastefully you have designed your web site. It is so easy to follow. Great job and congratulations….!!!!

DennisDecember 29 2011 – 6:34 am

Nisin & Joanna – Dubai Wedding Photographer » Dubai Family, Wedding Portrait Photographer SarahC - [...] Kaia and Adrian from their wedding two weeks ago? Click here to view some of their wedding [...]January 11 2012 – 10:25 am

Sultan – Dubai Newborn Photographer

This morning I joined Asma at her absolutely spectacular Villa on one of the Palm Island Fronds to take some newborn photos of her GORGEOUS little baby boy Sultan. Sultan was born 12 days ago and is just too cute for words! Starting our session in his awesome nursery was perfect! Fantastic wall paper with […]

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Becky, Dom & Jonah – Dubai Lifestyle photographer

On Saturday afternoon I had my first outdoor session with Becky, Dom and their GORGEOUS little man Jonah. We have had several studio sessions over the last year and I have really watched Jonah grow from session to session. It truly is amazing comparing all the photos. This session was his One Year shoot so […]

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The Miebach Family – Dubai Famiy Photographer

Yesterday I met Petra and Michael at the park for their Christmas family photos with their two children Christina and Constintine.  Two of the cutest children I must admit!! Petra is a keen photographer and loves to take her photos of her family but is always the one missing from the pictures. That’s where I […]

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Petra - Hi Sarah, we have to return the compliment! We had a great time with you and the result speaks for itself! Now we are curious for more :)
See you soon! PetraDecember 4 2011 – 8:17 pm