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I have been a little behind with my blogging with Christmas over the weekend but things are all back on track and going online!

A few months ago I met a couple – Joanna and Nisan- who at our meeting mentioned that her brother was also getting married in Dubai and just two weeks before her wedding! From there they passed my details onto Kaia and Adrian! I cant think of a better idea than getting married within weeks of another family member or a close friend! Imagine how much better the planning process would go when you can share the tasks involved in putting together a wedding!! We have two pretty clever couples here!!

On Wednesday 21st December I joined Kaia and Adrian on a very special day of their lives where they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together as one.

Getting ready at a friends house I was able to photograph a gorgeous bride adding the final touches while my second photographer spend the afternoon with Adrian and his grooms-men during their preparations.

Once Kaia was ready there was a quick moment where she was able to Skype with her family back home in the USA. It was lovely to watch the interaction between everyone and those who couldn’t make the journey to Dubai were still able to be part for her day.

Gotta love technology (Especially the iPad!!!)

Arriving at the Church in style – Boys in their Black Hummer Limo, and the girls all in the White Limo.

After a very heartfelt ceremony I had a tear or two in my eye as I captured the moments just as they walked out the church with their immediate family showing their love and support to the newly weds.

We then set of for their Wedding Reception at the Radison Hotel.  A beautiful Wedding hall set up for Kaia and Adrian along with a Gorgeous suite!


I had such an amazing day with you both! I wish you a life full of happiness and laughter together. You truly are a perfect couple. I look forward to seeing you again soon at Joanna and Nisan’s Wedding!!


brook - These pictures are beautiful!December 31 2011 – 8:04 pm

SarahC - Hi Dennis, Thank you so much for your comment! Its lovely to hear the feedback and that you love the photos and my website! You have a beautiful family! I am working through all their images and cant wait to deliver them back to Kaia and Adrian and for them to share the photos with everyone.December 30 2011 – 7:38 pm

Dennis Soans - Sarah – I enjoyed the lovely photos of Kaia & Adrian. Adrian’s mother and I are cousins and they shared your site with me. I am myself a photo enthusiast and just recently got my first SLR. My wife and I loved your photos and the web site. Lancia is a graphic designer and we were both impressed with not only your photos but how tastefully you have designed your web site. It is so easy to follow. Great job and congratulations….!!!!

DennisDecember 29 2011 – 6:34 am

Nisin & Joanna – Dubai Wedding Photographer » Dubai Family, Wedding Portrait Photographer SarahC - [...] Kaia and Adrian from their wedding two weeks ago? Click here to view some of their wedding [...]January 11 2012 – 10:25 am

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